Why do I need an invitation code for my Beta HAT


At this stage we have released HATs with Rumpel and MarketSquare for testing by the beta community only.

Beta version means that HATs are hosted on a third party server (AWS) which needs to be paid for at this stage, as we do not have the financial abilities to pay for hosting. Our beta community therefore consist of people who supported us by paying for their beta HATs during our Indiegogo campaign.

If you are interested to join our beta community, you can still do so by paying for an instant beta HAT here:


This will result in an invitation code emailed to you within 24 hours for you to sign up to a HAT on this link:


If you are with the news media and wish to try it out, please email admin@hatdex.org for an invitation code.

The beta programme is a great opportunity for people who would love to contribute and influence the HAT initiative, however it is worth keeping a few aspects typical of beta programmes in mind: http://forum.hatcommunity.org/t/beta-release-of-hat-rumpel-and-marketsquare.

We are currently in discussions with organisations that would sponsor HATs in exchange for selected data and that is definitely in the rollout plan after beta, so that you will have a choice of different HATs and their payment models.

If you feel in anyway that the beta release may not suit your need, please do feel free to register your interest here so that we can update you on HAT activities - http://www.hatdex.org/sign-up/, or sign up other perks at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hat-claim-your-data-organise-visualise-control-technology/

Please join our HAT community forum (with or without signing up a HAT) - http://forum.hatcommunity.org/, and do not hesitate to post your comments if you have any further questions! We will try our best to help.


Beta Release of HAT, Rumpel and MarketSquare