Why are personal HATS not free?


I’m really new to the Hub of All Things, so please enlighten me. I thought personal HATS were supposed to be free?

When I sign up there is a 3 month trial period, or 5£/month charge.

The HAT concept sounds really interesting, specifically the data security aspect.



Hi TorontoBoy, thanks for checking us out! How did you find out about the HAT?

HATs are on free trial, but you can choose to
Pay for them (or donate) when you register. Is this the link you managed to find yourself at? https://hatters.hubofallthings.com/signup?hat=hubofallthings.net


Hi Johnathan,
Yes, that is the page I was on: https://hatters.hubofallthings.com/signup?hat=hubofallthings.net What happens after the 3 month trial period? Does all the data disappear?

In general I have always felt that personal data should not be owned by large corporations. Facebook has encouraged this. Documentaries such as Facebookistan have numerous examples of Facebook all of a sudden shutting down people’s content. HATs go a very long way in righting this wrong, in keeping your personal data secure and still personal.

I’m still trying to muddle my way through your process.


Couldn’t agree more. Expired HATs can indeed be deleted after the trial
period, so if everything wraps up and you do not want to support your HAT
any longer you’ll have to withdraw the information and put it somewhere

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