Who is who in the HAT Ecosystem?


HAT is a personal data platform developed by the HAT Project that allows a HAT user to acquire, store, transform, view, sell, rent, trade and use his or her personal data. Also known as the HAT personal Data Platform (HATPDP).

HAT ecosystem is the community of all the individuals, firms and other organisations engaged in using the open source HAT technology, regulated by the HAT Foundation in compliance with the HAT CoP HAT Foundation. The social enterprise grouping that will nurture and regulate the HAT ecosystem based on the open-sourced HAT technology.

HAT Participants are roles in the HAT Ecosystem, which include:

  • Developers: individuals who create HAT services and who could be working for HAT Service Providers.
  • HPPs (HATPDP Providers): organisations (platform providers) that host users’ HATs and support a community of HAT developers by developing HAT services that improve the HAT personal Data Platform (HATPDP) capabilities.
  • HAT Users: individuals who own and use HAT data and integrate data from HAT-ready devices and services.
  • HAT Service Providers: organisations who provide a HAT service on the HATPDP.
  • The HAT Foundation (HATDeX Foundation): HAT Data Exchange Foundation is an organisation that manages and regulates the HAT ecosystem. Positioned as a form of exchange, it provides regulatory rules and services for personal data (and other related personal data instruments) to be traded in the HAT-enabled ecosystem.