What is the HAT?


Read more to gain a better understanding about what the HAT is, view the Prezi presentation, and watch the HAT videos: What is Your HAT? and Who Owns Your Data.

The HAT is a personal data platform created to do two things. First, the HAT acts as a personal data container and management system. This enables us as individuals to acquire our own data from Internet-connected objects or services and then to transform it by placing it into its wider context. This means that it becomes more meaningful and useful for making better decisions in our lives.

Second, it allows us to trade and exchange our own data for services in a standardised and structured manner. The HAT functions as a multi-sided market platform, in line with its objective to engineer a market for personal data. It aims to provide opportunity on both sides of the exchange by:

  1. Giving individuals the chance to exchange our data for offerings that help us lead better lives;
  2. Enabling firms to offer personalised offerings more suited to the way we as individuals experience and consume products and services daily.

Crucially, all data acquired by us as individuals into our HAT platforms is owned by us, and can only be used with our explicit permission. Hence, the HAT is revolutionary in that it enables us as individuals to claim our data and have control over it.

In summary, the HAT is the ‘CODE’:

  • A Personal Data Container
  • An Ontology and database schema that flattens and liberate vertical data
  • A Data bundling tool (contextualisation of data by yourself)
  • An Exchange platform for exchange and use of personal data.