Social data plug keeps giving error 400


i just registered and im trying the social plug and it keeps giving me error 400.


Hi @Grumpysview,

Thank you for your message. I passed this to our tech team and they will reply to you shortly with either a solution or further questions about the issue.




Hi @Grumpysview,

I’m sorry to hear that. Could you, please, provide more details on when this error is being thrown.

How far into the setup process the error happens?
Did you manage to verify your HAT with the Data Plug?
Did you manage to login into Facebook?




I am experiencing the same issue, and thought it best to keep the details in Grumpyview’s post rather than create a new one.

This happens in both Chrome and IE11, I can test with Firefox and Edge if that will help at all.




Thank you for providing the details about the error @CockneyRhymingJedi. I’ll look into the problem and get back to you asap.



Hi, the same happens to me, Please enter your Personal HAT address (PHATA). , i enter, press enter and i get 400


Now its error 500 instead of 400


Good morning @Grumpysview, @CockneyRhymingJedi,

Good news to start the week. Our tech team rectified the issues that were causing the errors reported (and the change in the error code too). Social Data Plug should now be functioning normally.

Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.



I’m getting


When trying to use the facebook plugin ??


Hi @planetf1,

In this instance the Data Plug has not been provided with the appropriate access rights to be able to post to your HAT. There is nothing wrong with the plug itself. If you would wait for 10-15min after failed attempt and then try again, it should work just fine.

Please let us know in case the issue persists.



Hi all,

Turns out there was a configuration issue in the live-running plug, which has now been fixed.

@planetf1- the plug now claims to be posting data to your HAT alright, although obviously we couldn’t look into your HAT to see if it is there. Please check if you see it now?

@CockneyRhymingJedi, @Grumpysview the issue you have seen has now also been fixed, but you’ll need to try connecting it again


Hi, still no data. When i choose the social plugin it says
Plug already setup
The data plug for the specified HAT has already been setup. Please, try again later.

Second, the plugin for fotos says
Import your best moments from Facebook into your HAT

It dos not connect to facebook but to dropbox.


Hi @Grumpysview,

I am really sorry that you are experiencing troubles with the HAT! I just would like to inform you that the second issue that you reported should be now fixed. Also, we will make the error messages more informative.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!



@andrius I don’t see any data coming through from social. My “social feed” section is completely blank ??


Thanks for the note, @planetf1 - will take a look. I suspect it is due to the Facebook Data Plug not having been fully approved by Facebook yet, but will confirm.


Ok. I did try revoking permissions for the HAT plugin on facebook itself, hoping that might kick the hat plugin in to rerequesting permission. However having done that there’s no change, and I see no way to remove the hat data plug either.


Could you please give us a bit more detail on what are you trying to achieve?

Effectively if you have deauthorised hat plugin on Facebook, it will no longer be able to pull in the data (Facebook no longer gives it), but the data that has been pulled in already stays in the HAT.


I’m trying to get to the point where the facebook plugin actually pulls in data. Up until now there is ZERO social data showing. So I deauthorized it in order to see if I could “reset it”. Think IT crowd, ie turn it off and back on again. However HAT thinks the plugin is still setup, when it clearly now isn’t since it’s unable to do anything. Most sites I’ve visited with facebook integration of sorts will detect this situation and re-prompt for permissions.

So how do I set it up again?


Hi @planetf1,

We’ve reset your data plug manually so that you can now try to set it up again. There is only manual method at the moment, but we are days away from providing automated capability via the user interface.

If you try it, could you please let us know how it goes?

Thanks for your patience.