Rumpel wishlist


iā€™m also going to post my rumpel wish list here :slight_smile:

  1. interactivity please? being able to post on facebook and add calendar entries right on rumpel :slight_smile:
    location location location!
  2. i love the mashup but it would be good to be able to search my history by location, by person, my time, etc.
  3. i know i know. this will all take time.
  4. each card/box should be scrollable to see further?
  5. i have to click on the LHS nav menu to see the full thing, i can also click on the head of the box/card as well?
  6. More weather cards where i can choose the weather wherever i want to know about
  7. since you already have a data plug for dropbox, it would be great if my books, music or art can be here brought in as well, so can we have a user defined box ie i can choose what the box is called and fill it with a folder from dropbox?

And i also know, as the product owner, i am making wishes to myself :smiley:

still, its a good job for the first start so well done to the rumpel team!