Rumpel v3.0 Released


Rumpel™ is a private dashboard for your HAT data. It is the browser through which you can view, manage and create actions using the data stored in your HAT. What you can do with Rumpel:

Stuff data into your HAT; claim your data from Internet companies and make it useful to you
Keep it secure and available on demand; your HAT is a personal and secure cloud container that goes everywhere with you and available on all your devices
Monetise your data; use it to get discounts and services, again and again

Version 3.0 features a new look for Rumpel as a white labelled canvas, so that developers can put it under own brand!

New in this version:

Rumpel 3.0.1 features a new mashup. This feature provides a scrollable timeline which shows the users social posts, calendar events, notables, photos and locations. Users can select a date to see the data pulled in from their data plugs
Features an entirely new skin, providing a more modern design and enabling third-party developers with a blank canvas which can be branded and extended.
Updates the project to Angular 4
Updates the Angular CLI version to v1.1.2
Updates the NPM version to v5
Separates resource fetching from MarketSquare and Dex
Besides those, there were improvements

The new skin includes many usability and user experience enhancements
The new skin is fully mobile responsive, down to 320px wide (targeting all modern phones and tablets)
Data plugs can be added from all screens via the side menu
Adds to list of login domains
Allows users to click location data points to reveal the timestamp
Adds support message to header
Hides native-only features of the interface

And some fixes:

Fixes data plug links
Prevents duplicate alerts if data plugs are not connected

Want to see your favourite function featured in this list? We would too. Let us know here – or vote for what others proposed and we’ll see what we can do.