Rumpel Lite iOS app ver 2.0 is released - questions and conversations


Feb '17 - This morning, Rumpel v2.0 hit the App Store. Rumpel is our ‘HAT dashboard’ software, it let’s HAT users see the information that they have stored inside their private data containers. This release shows how our infrastructure can easily function in a normal mobile application.

Inside the HAT ecosystem, HATs can be used to sign into any app or device, and all of the information that’s stored in them can be made accessible to the connected device in a secure fashion. HAT infrastructure modularises the user’s account away from their services, so that access can be granted to both while the whole system behaves normally. Upon modularisation, a global standard of exchanges can emerge between these personal data stores and the Internet applications that use them. The HAT is a creator and a champion of these standards. It has tasked itself with rebuilding the Internet’s trust for exchanging personal data online, upon which “the foundation of the data economy must be built.”

HAT applications are built on top of a massive platform capability, but are still perfectly normal, as Rumpel 2.0 shows. This release of the product signs on, pulls, and pushes data normally, while behind the scenes the data for the application is coming from private and secure HAT data containers, not the Rumpel service. It is a demonstration of how an application can function and behave in exactly the same way any other app would, but with a completely privacy-preserving backend.

Feature releases in version 2.0:

• Rumpel allows new users to sign up for a HAT via iPhone
• Text-based content created in-app is sharable via Twitter
• New Social Feeds capture user data shared via Facebook and Twitter
• Some new data streams available for connection into the HAT
• Sharing options for social posting to Facebook and Twitter were improved

Rumpel Lite is open sourced at if you’d like to check out the repository!