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Beta Release of HAT, Rumpel and MarketSquare


My facebook plug populates each event multiple times, crowding my feed and calendar.


Hello! I also have a Rumpel location services bug. I’m using the web app (always a dubious procedure) and it seems to be that my location data is being predicted into March 2017? That hsouldn’t be possible…right?


Hello henry - did anyone ever get back to you about this issue? Did it get fixed with a new release?


My facebook bug was corrected, thanks!


I added image and link markdown to my document, as stated in the help. The markdown does not get replaced with the image and link but is sent “as is” to Facebook:

[My Link Title](

Can this be fixed?


start Rumpel, add some text, hit the side by side button, screen splits into left input screen and right display screen. F9 toggles modes.

Bug 1: Now typing on input screen I can input 2 lines Ok, but the third line is obscured by the options menu. I now cannot see what I am typing. Toggling F9 removes the split screen but I still cannot see what I am typing.

Bug 2: I abandon my post and hit “Notables” to restart the post. Now the right side screen displays properly, but I cannot scroll down to see options below my input screen. To fix this I must exit and restart Rumpel.


For the issue of posting images and links to FB, Jonathan posted his answer. From the web interface Rumpel does not do this as yet.


From Rumpel I posted a text comment to Facebook, with an expiry of one day. The post was successfully posted to Fecebook, but does not expire in one day. It is still visible.

The Rumpel expiry feature does not seem to work.


Thanks for flagging @TorontoBoy - we’ve restarted the plug which we think will fix the problem. We’re going to triple check on our end and get right back to you.

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