Making my weather my home


Hi, how do I get weather to be my location as opposed to London? I’ve clicked about and it doesnt pick up on my data. It would be good if it just took my home data and used that.g


Hi @drgeep,

We are currently working on enabling location-specific weather data in Rumpel. We were thinking more along the lines of detecting your current location via the browser to achieve it. I’m curious, would you prefer that or the use of profile page address information?



Mmm, thats a good question. I like the met office app that lets me have a number of locations ‘stored’ and scroll through them. I have home, work, london and current. Usually I am planning ahead when I look at weather so current location is often not the useful one.


Thanks for the input! It sounds like a really good way to set it up for starters - freedom to configure it yourself.


its actually better to be able to add more weather cards - so i can add as many weather cards as i want depending on what i want to see. since we made the interface modular, we can get users to add cards as much or as little as they like