Location data timestamped/paths?



I was wondering - can I see the paths I take on the location plug? I’ve been recording (keeping the app open) my paths, and all of the locations are documented, but I can’t see which ones occurred before others (granted, I can see ‘yesterday’ or ‘today’ or ‘last week’ - but that doesn’t help in this usage case). It would seem that the blue location indicators are clickable, but they are not. It would be awesome if I could see the paths I took.


Hi there

It’s in the plan to put some paths in, we have a small team so do bear with us!



Thanks for the answer! My new question is how can I download the data, CSV style or otherwise, so I can do my own analysis? Feel free to respond on the other thread I started right after this one.



I have now replied in the other thread for using APIs to download

Web Rumpel under “Mashup” also shows a bit more detail on location in relationship to other data, e.g. if you had any calendar events or facebook posts on the same day, as well as going back further in time on a day-by-day basis