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Industry/Business Engagement

We are looking to engage and collaborate with innovative, forward-looking businesses that recognise the huge commercial potential of the HAT. Our current industry project partners include Fibaro, Enable Software and DCS Europe, all members of our Industry Advisory Board.

Contact us if you are keen to:

  • Develop new products & services or innovate existing offerings to connect to the HAT
  • Become a HAT-certified consultant or developer to help companies innovate on the HAT

The Engaging with the HAT document has further details on you can get involved with the HAT project.

Hacker/Developer Community

Whether its making the little sensor device attached to your toilet roll or writing code for different things, we would love to hear from you! Contact us to see how we can work together, or join us at the next HAT public event.

Also check out what our Mad Hatters are currently working on, and download and play with the HAT Database Schema Beta.

User/Social Community

Once the HATs are deployed we would like a social HAT community to develop. Stay tuned

A HAT in your Home

One of the aims of the HAT project is to create an ecosystem of HAT users, HAT things and app developers.

We also want to encourage Digital Milliners to participate so that you as an individual can choose which milliner think Home Hub for connected things – you would like as your HAT provider. HAT Digital Milliners cut across many industries. They could be Internet companies already providing personal data stores; they could be your router or set top box company. HAT Digital Milliners provide individuals with the HAT service by charging in various ways e.g. storage space, per-transaction or other business models. Here‘s an example of a future HAT Digital Milliner.

Privacy by Design – All HAT Digital Milliners will conform to the HAT privacy preserving policies, and should be equipped with the necessary HAT-certified technology to ensure this. They will be rated according to their privacy preservation policies and technologies so that you can be better informed about their commitment towards privacy by design.

Donating your Body (of data) to Science

Digital Person Zeroes (DP0) donate their body (of data, of course) to the HAT Foundation, similar to those participating in early stage clinical trials, which will be analysed by our economists, computer scientists, anthropologists and sociologists to propose new products and services for the HAT.

At present, we are NOT recruiting any DP0 from persons who are not directly involved in the project. This option may become available after the HAT project comes to an end, and will be subject to stringent checks and clearances from the appropriate authorities on ethical and privacy issues. If you are keen to participate as a DP0, do stay tuned.

Privacy note: The new products and services proposed will NOT contain any personal data. The data is only used to identify new needs and solutions that would make our lives better. It keeps the research going and we hope to show industry how to create some really useful products and services.