Invalid credentials and not able to click forget password


Hi all,

I tried signing into my beta HAT today (with Xiao alongside me, neither of us knew what was wrong).

I type in my password and it says invalid credentials (on rumpel and market square). It then does not let me click forgot password (it appears to click but it stays on the page as if the forgot password button leads to nothing).



Hi @phild21,

On which site does the forgot password lead to nothing? I have just requested your HAT to send a password reset email to you, let me know if it doesn’t arrive (but otherwise seemed to work fine).

Which browser are you using?

Have you been able to sign in before?


Yup I have the password reset come through now.

Internet explorer - I had Xiao come
Over to my desk to take a look and he also saw the forgot password button not working for me.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:


I have seen issues with Internet Explorer not listening to redirects/reacting to links… Which version if IE was it?


Erm, I’m not too sure I will check tomorrow - it’s also on a University computer which doesn’t like certain things.

So on Google Chrome I’m able to hit the rest password button, I have no reset my password (it does send the email so it was an IE issue). However, password changed, logged in and I still receive the page saying ‘invalid credentials’.


Ignore that - I am in now! Thanks for all the help.