How to get started?


I participated in the Inidegogo in April, but otherwise I’m completely new to HAT, so here are my stupid questions.

So today, I (finally) took time to create a “hat” (?) account, by clicking the invitation link in the emails I got from Hatdex. This seems to create an account at

Now, the invitation e-mail says “_When you have finished setting up your HAT, do go straight to Rumpel, your HAT dashboard and click on ‘New to Rumpel’ and there will be a _
tutorial on how to use Rumpel to pull your data into your HAT”.

However, when I do that, by visiting, it asks me for my Hat Address (I guess that’s the PHATA). I try the obvious choice, my user name at marketplace, followed by “”, I am redirected to this URL, but get an error message, “502 Bad Gateway”.

Am I doing something wrong here?

PS: To be frank, I don’t know -yet- what I’m doing, so feel free to enlighten me a bit. I kind of see HAT as a combination of a Identity provider (I’m rather familiar with the concept of Identity Provider and Service Provider, and know a bit about SAML2 platforms, and to a lesser extend OpenID), and a data platform (perhaps akin to or, whose concept I’m less familiar with). However, the distinction between MarketPlace, Rumpel, HAT, HATTER, HatDex are less familiar to me. I was also confused that I had to create a username/password account for this forum (if HAT is indeed an Identity Provider, why not use that account, instead of having to create Yet Another Username/Password at this site)?


Let me reply to myself: It takes half a day before the PHATA is activated.

I just had to wait. Unfortunately, that tidbit was not mentioned in the FAQ, hence my confusment.


Hey! I’m not with the HAT but I’m using it. I’ve basically just been tracking my location in hopes that eventually I can do some analysis on it. I haven’t heard from the HAT folks in a while, assuming they’re busy with new features. My calendar works with facebook but I can’t get it to connect to my outlook or gmail calendars at this time. Have you figured that out?


Hey @macfreek,

Sorry for a late reply. We were sprinting for a new release, which hopefully will get to all soon :wink:

so you’ve tried username.hubofallthingslnet as Your personal HAT address at the login page, and it returned a bad gateway? Please pm me your phata, so that we can check if the registration has gone through fully.

for a quick reference for different services, you can find them here at any PHATA public facing page, ie mine - Rumpel (your browser to view and manage your hat) is your private space to manage your own data in your HAT; HAT is your personal data container that stores your data, MarketSquare is a public marketplace for exchange your data with service; HATTER is like an app store, where ppl can buy HAT, and services on HAT.

HATDeX, is an organisation, the operational arm of the HAT foundation.

Good suggestion re using the single sign-on from HAT to the forum. We will look into how we can make this happen.


Hi @Xiao,

The solution was simple: it takes about half a day before the PHATA becomes active. See my above reply to myself. So I just had to wait. Of course, I did not know that back than, so I did not understand why the page returned a 502 in the time being.


Hi @macfreek,
Noticed your reply. re HAT setup, it should just take a few minutes.
my reply was to clarify other questions in your origial post, hope it helps.

Enjoy you hat :wink:


@macfreek it should no longer be half a day but just a few seconds or so. the beta turned out quite a few bugs. sorry for that!


I am a new user to the HAT, but it is taking at least 2 hours for my PHATA to be available.

I will try again later today, but if I am doing something wrong please let me know.

I went to and put in my username: nafai as such, and all it says is 502 Bad Gateway


Hello Nafai! Welcome to the squad, sorry about the challenges. We’re taking a look at it now. My colleague at Andrius is on bux fixing and I’ll get back to you shortly. Is this the best way to reach you? I can also do Twitter, email, or whatsapp if that’s easier.

(Community Manager and Bug Hunter)


Thank you for responding!

I just got the email today saying that my HAT is ready.

So this is a fine way to reach me, or by email.


Sorry about the glitch!

Please do let us know in case you encounter any other issues - hopefully not :slight_smile: