How to Add Image to Rumpel, send to FB


I have been able to send FB and Twitter text messages from Rumpel without issue. I have tried sending an image from Rumpel to FB, with no success. In Rumpel I added:

and that markdown is exactly what shows up on FB! No image! What did I do wrong? Is there any Rumpel docs?



Hello! Great question :slight_smile: I’m going to attempt to replicate and see what went wrong, then we may need to tag in a techie. Give me one moment…


Yup - I got the same problem. Good bug report (or missing feature); thanks. Pinging @andrius our Head of Engineering to weigh in.


@TorontoBoy I have liaised with Engineering - we just haven’t integrated that level of tie-in with Facebook as a feature yet. If you have an iOS device, your HAT Dashboard on iOS let’s you share pictures to Facebook properly, but your dashboard on the Web does not. We’re working on it!