HAT Tech Outputs


HAT Database Schema – to contain and structure your personal data. Data schema allows for storing any individual’s data from any source without loosing the structure specific to the source, at the same time allowing the individual to relate their data to the context of their personal life and provide a common semantic structure for third parties to use such data.

HAT APIs – to exercise user managed control of your personal data. REST APIs for the HAT schema that can be used by web, mobile and other clients to interact with the HAT, allowing the user to control their data and applications benefit from it.

Data plugs - to claim your personal data. An initial set of tools to retrieve individual’s data from data sources into their HAT (facebook, calendar, location, dropbox photos).

HyperData Browser - to view your data. A ‘browser’ of how data is linked to other data in other places and a way to view the linkages and clusters of data.

Deployment mechanism - to provisioning personal HAT. A mechanism to deploy, run and control individual HATs in a cloud environment, built in a microservice fashion to help any organisation to become a HAT Platform Provider.

Documentation of technology developed. The HAT and its personal data ecosystem is designed to allow individual HAT Users to collect, contextualise and exchange their personal data and the APIs described in the documentation detail how such HAT functionality is achieved.