Going forward


The HAT is still evolving rapidly, and everyone is very welcome to contribute! More features are coming in the Beta release of the HAT in April, and we are currently working on the following:

  1. Data Schema documentation
  2. An improved hyperdata browser (see pre-release information on RUMPEL – coming soon!)
  3. Pre-defined contextualised bundle cases
  4. HAT-to-HAT direct and private data sharing
  5. SSL encryption of communications (client and server verification)
  6. More inbound data services to acquire your own data into your HAT including: Fitbit, Myfitnesspal, Fibaro, Withings
  7. And if you have something else to suggest, do drop us a note in this forum!

Thank you to all again for joining us on this adventurous and exciting social movement to regain control of our personal data, and happy playing with the Alpha HAT!