Few questions about HAT


Hi there,

I’ve recently got my own HAT and started to look around to understand more about it and how it works. So far I love the idea of having all my data in one single account over which I have full control. I think HAT technology is a major step forward towards a world where people own the data they produce through their actions and sensors…

So one of my questions is; Do I get full legal ownership/copyright of the content of my HAT ? I don’t want Facebook/others to still keep tracking,storing and selling my data,
I want to be the only who that collects, stores and decides what to do with it… If not, do you guys work towards that? If so, how and when will that happen?

I’ll post more questions as try to understand more about how HAT’s work…
Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to answer my question.


Malancaa! Great to see your message, thanks for the questions. We do indeed work towards that future - that’s where we’re heading.

The personal data you put into your HAT is not accessible to anyone but you while it’s in there. So if you put info inside directly, it stays in there and no one can see it. However, unfortunately that’s not what happens with Facebook data.

When you use Facebook, you sign an agreement with them that gives them data ownership in exchange for using the app. All that your HAT is able to do is store a copy of that data for you to use as well.

Eventually, we hope Facebook (or a Facebook competitor) will build their service on HAT user accounts so that their users have better data control and ownership rights, but for now we’re just keeping a record of the data you’ve already given those other companies.

Does that make sense?


Thanks Jonathan, Yes it does make sense.

I can see a lot of benefit for the average user in the future however I can’t see why would Facebook or even another competitor adopt HAT accounts if they would lose the ownership of the data they harvest. (assuming that the user will be given legal right of ownership over it)

What incentive do companies have to build their service with HAT user accounts?

Still, I’m really impressed with HAT, I hope one day I’ll be able to pull data in from all the services I use online as well as my wearables… Not only that but also see more visual analytics options, maybe even a digital avatar generated from my data…

Is HAT building any of these services/features or just waiting for other companies to build their services around HAT?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions.