Facebook Data Not Pulling Up


So I set up the facebook data plug but don’t see anything different on my rumpel page. No photos or anything else noteworthy. What are the thumbs up and down icons for the data plug supposed to represent and how do I view data pertaining to them?


Hey @kdrew,

Sorry to hear that. When you were setting up the data plug, did you manage to successfully go through the whole setup process? Was there anything unusual during this process?

The thumbs up/down icons can be used to upvote/downvote a particular data plug and provides an indication of how well the community views the particular data plug.


Well one thing that was amiss was when I tried the photos plug, I successfully signed into dropbox, but there were no folders to add. I was a little confused what dropbox has to do with facebook photos as well.


The individual data plugs are built around different data sources that are used to pull in data. In this case, Photos Plug is built around Dropbox and can be used to pull in photos stored in various Dropbox folders. Similarly, Social Plug is built around Facebook and currently supports data categories such as posts, events, profile, profile picture and music listens. However, at this point in time it does not support facebook photos.

Facebook photos would be a great addition to the Social data plug and we are hoping to add this data category very soon.

I hope my explanation helps with the confusion. Any ideas how we could improve the interface to make things clearer?



I guess just a description box that can be expanded under the data plugs or such would be helpful. Thanks for explaining


Hi folks, i also have a problem with the FB data plug, i dont see anything new on my Rumpel page.


Same complaint here, installed the plug, nothing to see. The photo plugin says, facebook fotos, not dropbox.


Same here. Installed plugin and reinstall says, it already enabled. Nothing is pulled and no possibility to reinstall.


Same for me. All the plugs are active but just a big blank screen for social and photos


Hi there, i still cant get any FB data although its says the plug in has been enabled?


Hi, I am a new user and am experiencing the same problem. Everything seems to be working, I am told to wait 5 minutes, but I never see nanything, just black space for the “social” box.


ditto here – not seeing anything from facebook despite having supposedly installed the plug


is it possible to remove a data plug? I can’t see how…


Removal is coming over the next couple of weeks. As mentioned elsewhere, most likely due to Facebook limitations for not fully authorised apps, but will confirm!

Thanks all!


hi, I have the same for both FB and Dropbox. Just a big white blank screen.