Data Debit Error



I had this error flag up when trying to claim the facebook game app offer.

HAT authentication issue: Getting token for failed: Bad request when creating data debit: { “message”: “Request to create a contextless data debit is malformed”, “cause”: “Error creating Contextless Data Bundle None of the selected fields exist” }

Offer Details:
•Name: Facebook Game App
•ID: 8aafabd6-bca8-4754-910d-56a3d116ce78
•Description: I am a Facebook game app creator that would like to gather your data to find out where people go while not using my app.


I can also only go to offers through market square. When I click offers on the left hand tool bar on Rumpel, it says ‘you will navigate away from this page’ I click ok, then nothing happens and I stay exactly where I was on Rumpel.

When I go to Market square, and click offers it does work as I was able to claim an offer (the one for Andrius’s services) so the error seems to be with navigating from Rumpel to offers.