Data Confusion & Mobile App Issue


I’m just a little confused on my data privacy. Is HAT preventing facebook from using my data or is it just a secondary storage point for my facebook data? If I post to facebook from my HAT, does that make it ‘private’ (ie owned by me and not facebook)? What data am I generating here (other than notables) that is only available here and only owned by me?

Mobile App Issue:
I was steadily tracking my location data with the old version of the app (no notables). I had several months of good data! However, with the upgrade, the app will get signed out without my knowing and I have lost weeks of data (I hardly ever open it, I just leave it open so it can track the location). Do you have any suggested solutions or an app update on the way? I’m gearing up for a big analysis of my commute but this is compromising my data collection.



For now, HAT is just taking copies of what is on Facebook. However, if you start using notables, and share only for 1/7/14/30 days, you will eventually come to a situation where you have all the words, but because it was deleted on Facebook, you might not have much on FB any more. That said, it does depend on FB policy. Do they really delete it? We can’t control any of that.

To be honest, if you value the socialising and news feed on FB, then they are giving you a service so you would be ‘paying’ for it with your data. Of course, it may still annoy you since you don’t have a choice.

At some point in time when all the data that sits in your HAT becomes more and more, you (us, collectively) would probably be in a better bargaining position on what they can do with it, but we need to get to that position first!

As to the app question, I will get back to you once I get an answer from our iOS team.




as to the app question, did you remember to ‘tick’ the ‘remember me’ box when you logged in to the app and keyed in your password? if not, the app will not be allowed to remember you and will sign you out. we will look to having a default ‘check’ on that box for upcoming versions.