Cannot login to Rumpel



I have my HAT ( and able to access Marketplace and the personal page but for some reason cannot access the RUMPEL. I get an error “Seems like your link did not have right authentication credentials”. I was able to login about a week ago.



Hi @Endo,

We were performing maintenance work this weekend and it’s possible that Rumpel was not able to communicate with your HAT for a short period of time. That work is now complete and we are back to normal operation.

Apologies for any inconvenience it may caused.



I’m in now, but plugins deliver no data nor they are reinstallable. For me the tool is totally unusable.


Hi @Endo,

I had a look at the server logs and have few suggestions that should solve your problems.

Re Social/Facebook data plug

The data plug has been given insufficient access rights to be able to pull in all of your selected data categories. It’s been reset now, so if you try to set it up again, it should work just fine. Apologies for the inconvenience and please let us know how it goes.

Re Calendar data plug

Similarly, the data plug seems not to have the access to the calendar data. This could be related to both, the provided link and privacy settings on your Calendar. Let me explain.

The way to obtain the sharing link is first to select the “Share this Calendar” option from the calendar’s contextual menu:

Then we can navigate to the “Calendar details” tab where we are presented with two buttons for sharing links (see screenshot):

Those two buttons provide different links to the same calendar, I’ve labelled them “Private Link” and “Public Link”. Anyone in possession of the “Private Link” will be able to see your calendar information and, indeed, this is the preferred link to be provided to the data plug.

The “Public Link” can be shared as well, but it requires the calendar to be made public for data access (that means it will be indexed and searchable on Google by anyone). The “Make this calendar public” option can be found in the “Share this Calendar” tab here:

The most likely thing that happened with your data plug was that the “Public Link” was submitted, but the calendar itself was not made public. As a result, the plug had no way to access the data.

We’ve reset your calendar data plug now, so that you can try setting it up again in your preferred way. If you have any further questions about the two calendar sharing options, I will be happy to answer them.

We are also working hard on making the whole data plug reinstall process more streamlined to provide more control over them.



Thanks! Now I have FB and calendar linked. Will test and feedback.