Are you a Mad Hatter? Contribute to HAT Lexicon!


The HAT team has created a HAT lexicon as a fun way to describe some of what we’re developing. All these terms would evolve and change over time so don’t hold us to it!

HAT team keeps generating some nice and relevant HATTY words!
Do you have any suggestions? Post it here!

HAT lexicon as of today

Digital Milliners: These are HAT providers and you can choose which milliner you prefer to bank your personal digital data with (see a mockup site here)

HAT (server): Hub-of-All-Things this is the server space (whether it is a fixed, cloud or hybrid server) where the database of data you choose to generate (usually through sensors) is placed into.

Hard Hat: A HAT that is a fixed server with a fixed IP address

Sun Hat: A HAT that is cloud-based

Straw Hat: A hybrid fixed and cloud-based HAT. For example, a linked data web, a distributed data system that holds data in separate places but is accessible through a distributed content tool such as the web

HATSink: where live data feeds into before it goes into the HAT

HATSouk: The marketplace where you can choose your digital milliners, personal data stores or other providers related to the HAT. This is where the making community can also upload 3D designs of their HAT-ready Things to be shared, bought and/or 3D-printed by others

Mad Hatters: anyone and everyone working on the HAT (that’s us as well!)

HyperData Browser: The HAT space where you control and view your HAT data

Sparkshop: The place in the HAT (in the Noggin) where you buy things and apps to analyse and control your HAT data. It is also where you can exchange some of your personal data for personalised products/services/apps

Thing 1: A Thing that is already digitally visible e.g. a printer, a computer with wifi connection that can be connected to the HAT

Thing 2: A Thing that is not yet digitally visible e.g. milk bottles, cabinets, chairs that would need some work to enable its connectivity to the HAT