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We would like to encourage everyone to ask any questions they have and share their thoughts about the HAT experience in our social media channels:

This forum is for various discussions within the HAT community. Please select appropriate categories for your topics or suggest a new category by replying to this Forum Feedback category topic. Currently existing categories:

  • FORUM POLICY: this category is for everyone to read and for this forum admins to post topics related to this forum policies. Please read our FAQ/Guidelines before posting anything in this forum.

  • About the HAT: this category is for general discussions about the HAT project. For example, a question like “Why is the project called ‘HAT’?” would be well suited here. News subcategory will contain announcements about the HAT development and releases, so please stay tuned in. Forum Feedback subcategory is for you to share your opinions about this forum.

  • Developers: this category is for HAT developers, who collaboratively create HAT, and associated services. Developers should use this section for technical discussions. There is a number of subcategories to choose from: pick Development Updates for technical news and updates, HAT & APIs for technical discussions about the HAT and its APIs, Data Plugs for data plug info, Rumpel Web for technical Rumpel info, HAT Application Providers (HAPs) and HAT Platform Providers (HPPs) if you are either HPP or HAP and have technical questions.

  • HAT Users: this category is for individuals who own and use HAT data and integrate data from HAT-ready devices and services. Questions like “How can I get my HAT and what will it cost?” or “Does the HAT keep all my data in one place?” would be well suited here. Please note that there are Rumpel Users and MarketSquare Users subcategories within this category for your questions and bug reporting. Please report the bugs you find when using Rumpel here and when using MarketSquare here.

  • Business Community: this category is for discussions among business community members. There are currently two discussion subcategories: HAT Platform Providers (HPPs) and HAT Application Providers (HAPs). For business community updates, please visit this.